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We have a variety of workshops to choose from. Click on the button to sign up and/or get in touch with us to learn more.  

Aromatherapy 102

Timeless Goddess:

Using essential oils  to address midlife and other “ second act”


This presentation covers the history of oils and healing botanicals. We will focus on women in midlife and how essentials oils can be a wonderful tool for helpful relief. We will create a hot/cold flax pouch to cool and soothe using oils, botanicals and flax. We will also create a personal travel size cooling spray and personalized calming Vegan lotion. Tea and music will set the mood to relax and focus on the Timeless Goddesses that we are

Superfoods 101: Culinary Education Workshop Teens-adults

Educational culinary workshop celebrating the powerhouses of nutrition. Fun, colorful presentation that highlights the powerful properties of popular Superfoods and how best to incorporate them into your life. Tips, techniques, unique superfood samplings (i.e. cacao protein balls, acai smoothies, goji berries and dark choc.). Handouts and recipes included to insure an informative takeaway.

A Perfect Pairing: Wine and Chocolate

A fun, educational program highlighting the history and health benefits of dark chocolate and wines with insights from my commercial chocolatier background. Includes fun trivia, cheese board primer and wine bottle display. Chocolates and food pairing samplings are provided. Cheese sampling optional (additional $40.00, 2 varieties/40 patrons.) Wine purchased by library or facility separately. Wine samplings are 2 oz. sample cups . In person only.

Planting !Seeds of Intention”: Crystal Terrarium Workshop (In-person only

This class gives a fun overview of the benefits of gems and crystals. A display case of various crystal samples will be set up so that patrons can freely explore. We will learn how to best incorporate each crystal into our homes and living spaces as well. A fun crystal quiz follows and then we assemble our glass terrarium using small plants, soil, small assorted crystals and sands. Most importantly, we will plant our “seed of intention” into the soil! Calming music and tea will set our mood. A great calming experience for all.

“Come to your Senses”- Aromatherapy 101: Educational Make/Take Teens-Adults

This presentation highlights the history and health benefits of essential oils and healing botanicals inc. a fun interactive trivia quiz. Patrons craft fabric aromatherapy dream pillows, create a healing foot salt soak, make deconstructed soaps, all using dried botanicals and essential oils. Relaxing music and herbal teas(aromatherapy in a cup!) add to this calming, creative experience! Kim is a NAHA Certif. Aromatherapist.

New! Soul Speake Alchemy Box Teens-adults

In Person only

A unique soulful, meditative art program that transforms an 8 x 8 craft box into your own 3-D Alchemy Box. We will decorate the inside (our innermost desires and goals) as well as the outside (our outside persona). A wide variety of mixed media and colorful wrapping papers are provided as well as fun paper punches, ribbon, full color inspirational text and imagery. We will have a journaling exercise which will be sealed/placed inside. Each artist will receive a piece of rose quartz for their box as a symbol of self-love. Let your inner child come out to play and take time to listen to your soul speaking. Meditative music and herbal teas will help set the inspiring tone. (great photos available)

Mighty Aphrodite: Celebrating Chocolate, Friendship and Love

A playful program celebrating love, friendship and fun romantic duos throughout history. Includes interactive trivia, Origins of love rituals, samples of aphrodisiac foods (including Belgian chocolate!), Aphrodite’s Pomegranate mocktail spritzer, fun poetry, a colorful display and more! In person only.

Mother’s Day Tea and Chocolate Celebration

Program tips their hats to mom. Speaking of hats, attendees may choose a tea bonnet or vintage hat to wear to get in the spirit of out tea party. Whimsical Mother’s Day poetry, lovely visual display with vintage tea cups and tea pots. Samplings of tea tisanes(infusions), fine chocolate creations include Belgian chocolate crowns for every Queen, and a Tea infused baked good. Fun Mother’s Day trivia too! All in all, a great way to honor Moms everywhere.

Jewelry Jam: Ages 8- Adults

Your choice of 1 of 3 easy design and construction jewelry pieces: triple wrap memory wire bracelets, beaded memory wire chokers or a unique mixed media hardware necklaces on colorful cording using a Decoupage technique/scrapbook printed papers/Thesaurus text. Great selection of beads and materials to choose from to inspire creativity.

A Pleasant Pairing: Tea & Fine Chocolates Downton Abbey Theme English teas and choc. samplings, lemon curd sampling, fun Downton trivia, and Downton display!

A fun, educational talk highlighting the history and many health benefits of tea and dark chocolate (cacao) with insights from my chocolatier background. We will discuss how to brew a proper cuppa, how do tea varieties differ, and the tenants of the Cha/ Tea Ceremonies. Includes samplings of tea infusions, chocolate /tea tasting wheels, chocolate creations, trivia, fun poetry, teapot/lace display and more. Cheese samplings optional (additional $40.00/2 cheese varieties, 40 patrons).

Family/Community Art Programs

I have been encouraging budding artists ages 6-86 for over 20 years! Family classes such as Great Masters colorful collage class Warhol Soup Cans, Matisse Beasts of the Sea, Picasso’s UNICEF Dove of Peace) Castles and Dragons program, Marvel Universe Class, Animals Down Under, There’s Gnome Place like Home (Ogres and Elves) Halloween and Holiday themed programs. Lot’s of whimsy and fun. Photos available upon request.

NEW WORKSHOP! The Royal Rules 101: 15 Rules of Self Empowerment to help you reign over your own kingdom! Based on the new book by CT. author Kim Larkin. It’s Easy Being Queen (when you know your worth). Now available on Amazon.

**Note: to search the book, you need to add full title and my name as author, as it’s new.

In this uplifting workshop, the 15 Royal Rules of Self Empowerment will be highlighted. Some of them include “tending the garden within”, “strong boundaries” and “Thou shalt take no baloney”. Presented with humor, the royal rules can help empower queens of any age. During this interactive program, attendees will partake in a short journaling and meditative exercise. There will be fun poetry and a trivia quiz too! Herbal tea will be served to set the relaxing tone. Each person will also receive a rose quartz stone, the stone of self-love, to take home.

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