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A story of Well being

Meet kim 

 Kim has been teaching creative workshops for over 20 years and her passion is sharing her experience with others.

 She is a licensed commercial Chocolatier and a NAHA:   (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy ) Certified   Aromatherapist.  Kim is also certified by the  Specialty  Coffee Assoc. in Coffee Foundations and is a lifelong Tea Aficionado.

She believes healing teas and coffee are truly "aromatherapy in a cup"!

Kim is a practicing Usui Reiki Master and Spiritual Ceremonies Justice of the Peace. 

 She has developed a wide variety of creative programs that   provide multi-sensory stimulation for both the mind and   palette.  Kim has turned her passion for teaching into fun,   educational workshops that are offered either in-person or in     her virtual classroom. Her interactive programs bring the     community together to share an hour of informative, tasty fun!

 Kim has incorporated  her love of aromatherapy by creating   products  that are infused with the power of Mother Nature's   essential  oils and Reiki energy. After so many inquiries, she decided   to make  her own and sell them! They include Herbal Dream Pillows,  Aromatherapy Inhalers, Healing Foot Salts  and  Aromatherapy Roll-On Applicators. All soothing for the mind and body. All her creations are Reiki charged as well.

Check out her product page and enjoy!

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