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     Our favorites

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Essential Oil INhalers

healing foot salts

Herbal dream Pillows 

Our nasal inhalers contain a wick encased inside the applicator, which is saturated with essential oil. Studies show that once inhaled, they work within one minute to provide relief! Essential oils have the capacity to travel directly to our limbic system and go to work efficiently and effectively. The benefits of these inhalers are impressive! They are self-contained with little evaporation, they are single-person exposure, they have a long shelf life, are portable, discreet, concentrated, safe for adults 14yrs+ and no cleaning is required! They encourage positive, deep diaphragmatic breathing as an extra benefit. Healing Inhalers are available in  4 choices: ZZZ's Please: Lavender, Pep in your step: Peppermint, Happy Happy: Sweet Orange, Immuni-Tea Boost: Tea Tree.  With our nasal inhalers, help is truly in hand. Our inhalers are Reiki charged.

Our healing salt soak contains a blend of  Epsom salt, essential oil and natural sea salt, which  provide skin softening, stimulate circulation, and exfoliation for tired, achy feet. Epsom salt is high in magnesium and sea salt contains natural sea minerals. Essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal qualities which together further enhance the benefits of this soak.  This soak can be used twice a week for relief. Available in Lavender, Peppermint or Tea Tree. *Not recommended for people with a Diabetic condition. Healing soaks are Reiki charged.

Herbal dream pillows have been used by many cultures through the ages to help provide a calming sleep and to enhance dreams. If you choose Lavender, your "fight or flight" center will be calmed and relaxed. If you choose Peppermint, this daytime energizer will uplift, providing clarity and focus. The Lavender-Sweet Orange essential oil pillow will be soothing and the addition of  Sweet Orange provides those joyful, happy notes!  Our portable pillows fit in your purse , briefcase or backpack. They're perfect for your carry-on and provide relief and protection with their anti-microbial properties.

Available in Lavender, Peppermint and Sweet Orange-Lavender Blend. All pillows are gift boxed with a clear lid and are Reiki charged.

Essential Oil Roller 

Our roller applicator is a handy , portable solution

when you want a nourishing skin application of  soothing essential oils. Our skin is our largest

organ and this Jojoba based blend absorbs

quickly, working in as little as 20 minutes!

Engaging Workshops


Klassic Kreations Workshops were created to be multi-sensory programs that educate while stimulating the mind and palette. Aromatherapy Hands-on Workshops were then added and soon became a favorite!  Now there are 15 unique programs to choose from. What they all have in common, whether in-person or virtual, is that they bring community together to share an interactive, fun experience while learning something new. That is what 

Klassic Kreations is all about!


Corporate Wellness Workshops
"All work and no play result in sick days!"

Wellness Workshops are the perfect setting for teams to share a relaxing experience filled with lovely scents, while engaging in some much-needed "play". The Aromatherapy workshop showcases the calming benefits of nature's essential oils and attendees create helpful aromatherapy products with their own hands.  All workshops are educational and fun, whether you choose aromatherapy, a unique tea and chocolate pairing class or another creative program. A refreshed team is a happy team, so please inquire today!

my book

              It's Easy Being Queen

        (when you know your worth)

    by Kim Larkin and Kelley McGuire

This guidebook is a prerequisite

for queens of any age! It outlines the 15 royal rules that can help you to reign over their own inner and

outer kingdom. Written with a no-nonsense approach, it's tempered with more than a bit of humor sprinkled in. Each of the fifteen chapters can be digested individually,​ with questions provided at the end of each chapter, as food-for-thought.Layered in between the pages are powerful quotes along with both whimsical and moving poetry.

You'll be inspired, you'll laugh,

but most importantly, you'll be hungry for change . Are you ready to rewrite some of the tired rules that no longer serve you? That's when it'll be easy to wear your crown. It's when you know your worth!

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